Land Lease Community (e.g. Wilmot Creek)

The Real Estate Lawyers at Strike & Phillips LLP are proven and experienced in regards to the operation and transfer of property in Land Lease Communities in Ontario. Land Lease Communities are a unique way to own property in Ontario (ex. Wilmot Creek in Newcastle). Most of the time you will not have a deed for the property  and won’t own anything below the level of the ground. However, you will own everything on the ground on a long lease. In a long lease you are able to sell or transfer pursuant to a Will similar to that of a typical freehold property

A Condominium or regular freehold land transaction differ greatly from that of a transfer of a property in a Land Lease Community. You need a lawyer that has handled the unique scenarios that come about in Land Lease Communities to ensure that you are protected and the transaction is completed correctly. The Strike & Phillips LLP Real Estate Lawyers have you covered. Our team has worked for many years with local Land Lease Communities and know how to make the process run smoothly.

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